We believe that there are things that everyone should know in order to create a Financially Free Future!

We belong to a growing local group of Real Estate Investors that are part of a nationwide network. We invest in real estate locally and share the ins-and-outs of how YOU can successfully do the same.

Our personal mission is to empower 1000 individuals in this country to start enjoying life now, create a financially free future, and leave a lasting legacy of wealth.

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The Wealth Cycle

Massive Income

Successful Real Estate investors earn income in two ways. The first is called massive income. Earning massive income requires you to know how to buy property at massive discounts. This is why we offer in-depth training on finding and negotiating wholesale buying opportunities. Many of these opportunities are found in situations of  foreclosure, short sales, evictions, probate, bank-owned real estate, sheriff sales, and trustee auctions. Each house-money-piggy-bankstrategy requires specific knowledge and understanding to produce huge profits while mitigating risk. The good news is that our education has successfully trained thousands of thriving investors. Just ask any successful real estate investor what one thing made the greatest difference, and you will likely hear that the act of first making an investment in themselves and their own knowledge paid the highest rate of return. That’s why we say that, “The most valuable real estate you ever invest in, is the six inches between your ears.”

Passive Income

Passive income is the second type of income investors earn. Learning to buy real estate at massive discounts, improve those properties on a budget, and sell them for a profit, generates money to help you fund long term deals. Earning passive Passive-Incomeincome from rental properties purchased with your massive income creates ongoing residual income. This allows you to develop a different mental framework around money, because what you spend this month is replenished by what you earn in cash flow the next month and in perpetuity. Cash-flowing properties set you free financially. Students all over the country are earning passive income from real estate. It doesn’t just make for good reality TV, it is a proven way to generate wealth. Our step by step approach transforms properties into cash, while affording you the opportunity to build passive income from rents. This allows you to reduce financial stress, and stop worrying about losing a job or suffering through a downturn in the economy.

Let us show you how to find, fund, fix, tenant and manage properties that can set you free financially. We don’t just teach real estate investing, we create real estate investors.