Kat+LiaLaDarrell Worf is an “against-the-mold” entrepreneur, mentor, coach, leader and visionary. His specialties include empowering financial freedom, business ownership, and value creation in the lives of others.

LaDarrell started his entrepreneurial journey at the age 25, when faced with the choice to either continue building wealth for others while stealing away precious time from his family, or learning to build his own wealth and recapture control of that precious family time. He has spent countless hours studying the experiences of over 370 of the most successful entrepreneurs on the planet, and has been a part of creating and developing systems to significantly increase results for the small business owner and real estate investor.

By overcoming many obstacles faced in both his personal as well as professional life, LaDarrell is seen as a valiant knight when it comes to helping others achieve the successes that are within their rights to attain.
In addition to empowering individuals across the nation, LaDarrell enjoys spending time developing his mind, watching classic movies, eating ice cream, enjoying family and friends, wrestling with his two fur babies, and admiring his bearded dragon. He currently lives in beautiful Millcreek, UT.