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Our GOAL is to share Financials Freedom with everyone. The only possible way of being able to achieve that goal is to CREATE leaders. See the traits that we hold in high regard. 

Traits of Success:


90% of success is showing up. You do not have to be always positive, but you must act despite the opposition. Sometimes the opposition is the feeling of not wanting to do self-motivation-summit-mountains-climbsomething when we know we should. Being self-motivated is having the responsibility and courage to set and meet your goals.
  • Do your absolute best
  • Create goals and reach them
  • Continuously grow from success or “failures”
  • Utilize your network and bring Value in return
  • Step beyond your comfort zone
  • Maximize education and minimize risk
  • Open communication is Key


Whether you consider yourself smart, or a little behind, the best advice is to listen to Entrepreneurship-Is-A-Teachable-Skill-According-to-New-Research-300x168individuals with whom you would consider trading places. In other words, if the person is not successful and in a place you want to be someday, do not let their words stop you!



  • Become a lifetime learner
  • If you’re not teaching, you’re not learning
  • Applied education is experience gained
  • Learn from your mistakes and help others
  • Coaches only show you how. The rest is up to you
  • Never accept minimum effort from yourself or others
  • Listen. Listen. Listen.

Team Focused

In a team, weaknesses can be compensated for by adding members who excel in those areas. Be honest about your weaknesses and share your strengths with others.

  • teamworfTreat others with respect
  • A team is only as strong as its weakest link
  • Don’t abuse your network
  • Provide more value than you ever take
  • Always show up fully
  • Show up early and stay late.
  • Teamwork makes the dream work
  • Be the teammate you wish you had

Problem Solver

A problem only remains a problem so long as it remains unsolved. Reach for solutions. Problem-SolvingShare your experience with others and allow them to show you possibilities when you “get stuck.” Remember the 20% to 80% rule. (20% problem 80% solution.)




  • Problems aren’t easy to face, handle it straight on
  • Reach out to others/experts in your network
  • Become an expert in your areas of interest and share!
  • Not every solution is easy, but it should be simple
  • Admit if/when the problem is yourself, then change
  • Seek education as much as possible. Learn daily
  • Learn from the mistakes of others


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